USS Sea Cat SS-399
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1994 - Biloxi, MS Reunion
Biloxi Beach Resort Motor Inn

Front: Zeke Goodwin, Don Staats, Bobby Maxwell, Henry Schmidt Rear: John Hamm, George Albert, John Parish, Dick Moon, Jess Favors, Dave Dalke, Dick Everson, Neil Chandler, Jack Mitchell
Meg Hymer, Alice Staats, Dick and Joan Moon
Front: Bobby Maxwell, Henry Schmidt, Rear: Unk, Vi and Neil Chandler, Don Wilson, Don Staats, Slick Griffith
James Dykes, Ed Hymer Rear: Doc and Betty Tingley, Gene and Eva McLeod
John and Wanda Parish, John Jr and Gwyn
Lenora and Bobby Maxwell, Jess and Betty Favors
Jody and Ginny Taylor
Ed and Meg Hymer
Don and Alice Staats
Neil and Vi Chandler
Don and Abby Simon
Art Neiseisel
Harold Grace and Walt Danielak
Jack Campbell
Vern and Janet Blankenhagen
Tom and Barbara Viljack
Dick Moon and John Parish
Dave and Mary Lou Garraway
Ron and Cookie McPherson
Bill and Kathy Noland
Betty and Doc Tingley, Henry Schmidt Rita and Henry Schmidt
Bonnie and Steve Davis
Gywn and John Parish, John Hamm
Annette and Dick Taylor George Albert, Don Wilson, Zeke Goodwin
Jack and Margaret Mitchell Sue, Ken McGuire and Son
Glenda and Gus Hahn
Dick Kropatsch



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