USS Sea Cat SS-399
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2003 - ST Charles, Missouri Reunion Photos


Base of the Arch

Don and Alice Staats, Eva McLeod, Archie Warnock

Alice Staats, Gene and Eva McLeod, Archie Warnock

First row:Dave Garraway, Don Bloomhuff, Lynn Trump, Jim Johnson - Second row: Gene McLeod, Jim McDermott, Bill Noland, Dick Kropatsch

Slick and Ivy Griffith
Ed and Meg Hymer

Mary Lou Dean, Betty Shaffer, Mary and Dick Jennison, Don Wilson
Gene and Eva McLeod, Bill and Mary Lou Dean

Muster in parking lot for Drill Team presentation
Linda Pierson, John and Dot Hamm

Robert Windburn, Ed Hymer
Don Wilson

Don and Fran Bloomhuff
Drill Team

Jim Johnson and Bill Noland
Jim McDermott

Zeke Goodwin and Dick Kropatsch
Ed Hymer and  Jim Johnson

Don Wilson, Mary Dean, Carolyn Trump, Eva McLeod, Ivy Griffith
Bill Dean and Gene McLeod

Lynn and Carolyn Trump
Betty Shaffer, Kathy Noland, Irene McDermott, Mary Dean

Jim and Irene McDermott, Betty Shaffer, Yogi Bear

Dick Moon , Treta Goodwin

Bill and Mary Dean, Don and Fran Bloomhuff, John Hamm, Linda Pierman
Don Wilson and Eva McLeod

Betty Shaffer, Irene and Jim McDermott, Mike Repko, Yogi and Natalie Gillett

Slick and Ivy Griffith, Wanda and Jim Johnson, Amy and Cassell Tullos, Sue and Roy Randall

Bill and Kathy Noland, Mary and Dave Garraway, Robert and Marie Windburn, Mary and Dick Jennison

Virginia Taylor, Bobby and Leona Maxwell, Alice and Don Staats, Archie Warnock, Sandy Evans

Doris and Leroy Neubert, Dick Kropatsch, Betty and L.D. Baird
Archie Warnock, Don and Alice Staats, Virginia Taylor
Mary and Dave Garraway, Robert and Marie Windburn, Mary and Dick Jennison, Bill and Kathy Noland

Jim and Wanda Johnson, Cassell and Amy Tullos, Roy and Sue Randall, Ivy and Slick Griffith
Leroy Neubert, Dick Kropatsch, Jim McDermott






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