USS Sea Cat SS-399
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2004 - Savannah, Georgia Reunion
Banquet Night
(Photos are a compilation of Lynn Trump and Gene McLeod)

Kevin Barry's Pub

Zeke and Treta Goodwin receiving Appreciation Plaque


Kevin Barry's Pub


Neil Chandler Presenting Zeke Goodwin with Plaque

Don Staats congratulates Zeke Goodwin


Ron Marr, Natalie and Yogi Gillett, Carolyn Trump

Frank and Kathy Young - Robert and Linda Gay


Jim Aitchison congratulates his wife Barbara

Don bloomhuff, Rea Bordua, Jack Stevenson


Slick and Ivy Griffith, Joe and Marie Collins, Virginia Taylor

Treta and Zeke Goodwin - Bobby and Leona Maxwell


L.D. Baird, Mary Lou and Dave Garraway, Peggy and Brad Brooks

Sue McGuire, Rita Schmidt, Carol Parker


Ed and Meg Hymer - Alice and Don Staats

Bill and Mary Lou Dean, Eva McLeod


Robert Windburn and Sea Cat Group

Treta and Zeke Goodwin


Alice and Don Staats

Bobby and Leona Maxwell


Mary Lou and Dave Garraway

Peggy and Brad Brooks


Marie and Joe Collins

Yogi and Natalie Gillett


Frank and Kathy Young

Don Bloomhuff


L.D. Baird

Rita Schmidt and Carol Parker


James and Wanda Johnson

Rea Bordua


Jack Stevenson

Jim and Barbara Aitchison


Sandi and Virginia Taylor

Gene and Eva McLeod


Bill and Mary Lou Dean

Ed and Meg Hymer


Lynn and Carolyn Trump

John and Sandre Rodolf


Slick and Ivy Griffith

Gus and Glenda Hahn


Ken and Sue McGuire

Neil and Vi Chandler


Robert Windburn


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