USS Sea Cat SS-399
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2004 - Savannah, Georgia Reunion Photos
Page One
(Photos are a compilation of Lynn Trump and Gene McLeod)

Radisson Hotel Historic Savannah, 411 West Bay Street, Savannah, Georgia, 31401

Front row: Leona Maxwell, Ed and Meg Hymer, Ken McGuire, Lynn Trump, L.D. Baird, Vi Chandler, Frank and Kathy Young, Sandi Taylor, Carol Parker, Rita Schmidt.
 Second row: Treta Goodwin, Virginia Taylor, Ivy Griffith, Sue McGuire, Eva McLeod, Alice Staats, Peggy Brooks, Mary Lou Garraway, Gail and Gene Crum, Slick Griffith, Bobby Maxwell. 
Third row: Gus and Glenda Hahn, Bill and Mary Lou Dean, Yogi and Natalie Gillett, Rose and Ron Marr, Carolyn Trump, Zeke Goodwin, Gene McLeod.
Fourth row: Jack Stevenson, Dave Garraway, Don Staats, Brad Brooks, Robert Windburn.


Brad and Peggy Brooks - Frank and Kathy Young


Rita Schmidt, Carolyn and Lynn Trump, Eva McLeod

Wanda Johnson, Carol Parker, Rita Schmidt, Carolyn and Lynn Trump, Eva McLeod - Right side: James Johnson

Bill and Mary Lou Dean, Don Bloomhuff, James Johnson, Brad and Peggy Brooks. Right side: Carolyn Trump, Rita Schmidt, Carol Parker, Wanda Johnson, Frank and Kathy Young.


Savannah Water Front - Cobble Streets


Bill Dean, Bobby and Leona Maxwell, Ed Hymer, Don Staats

Gene McLeod and Bill Dean


Lynn Trump

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist


Don Bloomhuff and Ken "Moose" Jordan

Ed and Meg Hymer


Sea Cat group in front of St. John's

Meg Hymer, Alice Staats. Rear: Mary Lou Garraway, Barbara and Jim Aitchison, Dave Garraway


Sea Cat group - Bill and Mary Lou Dean inside St. John's

Our guide - on our way to St. Johns - Rita Schmidt, Carol Parker

L.D. Baird, Bill and Mary Lou Dean


Slick and Ivy Griffith - Wanda and James Johnson


Sandi Taylor, Eva McLeod, Vi Chandler


Photos - Savannah Page Two



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