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2006 - Jacksonville, Florida Reunion Photos

Holiday Inn Airport
October 31 - November 4

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A huge thanks to Linda Michael, Robert Windburn, Kathy Noland, Ginny Taylor and Gene McLeod for sharing these photos.


Tour of the USS John F. Kennedy at Naval Base Mayport and tour of St. Augustine

Aircraft Carrier USS J. F. Kennedy


Chief Petty Officer's Club Naval Base, Mayport
Master Chief James Maxwell was our coordinator

Master Chief Maxwell is the son of Bobby
and Leona Maxwell

John, Neil and Bill receiving tour instructions

Ray and Linda Michael, Lynn Trump

Inside the Hanger Deck

Topside - Bill and Mary Lou Dean, Jim and
Barbara Aitchison, Frank and Millie Zeigler,
John Mulcahy, Neil Chandler, Bill Noland

Gene McLeod, Jim and Barbara Aitchison, Frank
Millie Zeigler, John Mulcahy, Mary and Bill Dean,
Neil Chandler, Bill Noland, Slick Griffith

Ray and Linda Michael


Jim and Barbara Aitchison, Ann and Henry Hayes, Robert Windburn

Natalie Gillett, Meg Hymer, Ginny Taylor, Kathy
and Bill Noland

Anna and Pat Hogan, Brad and Margaret Brooks

Neil Chandler, Bennaz Hawkins, Rose and Ron
Marr, Mary and Bill Dean, Eva McLeod

Frank and Millie Zeigler

Yogi "Bear", Lynn Trump, Don Bloomhuff, Ray
Michael, Phil Owens, Linda Michael

CPO Club's Patio - Slick and Ivy Griffith

John and Peggy Mulcahy

Ed Hymer, Archie Warnock, George Albert

Gene and Eva McLeod, Bill and Mary Dean

Ivy Griffith, George Albert, Ray Michael

CPO Club Patio - Don Bloomhuff


St. Augustine

Lynn and Carolyn Trump, Rose and Ron Marr
and Sea Cat group touring St. Augustine

Ponce de Leon

Tree House carved out of a log

Anna and Pat Hogan, Eva McLeod, George
Albert, Archie Warnock

Forgot the name of this street but very scenic

600 year old tree - Ponce de Leon slept under here!

Archie and Sea Cat group dining at the Santa
Maria Restaurant

Don Bloomhuff, Lynn and Carolyn Trump

Ed Hymer and Pat Hogan

Archie, Ivy and Anna


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