USS Sea Cat SS-399
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2006 - Jacksonville, Florida Reunion Photos

Holiday Inn Airport
October 31 - November 4

Page Three

A huge thanks to Linda Michael, Robert Windburn, Kathy Noland, Ginny Taylor and Gene McLeod for sharing these photos.


Memorial Services - Submarine Base, Kings Bay, Georgia


Memorial Plaques and Bell

WWII Submarine Veterans

Archie Warnock, Frank and Millie Zeigler

Margaret and Brad Brooks, Dave Garraway,
George Albert

Don Bloomhuff, Chris Phillips and other Sub Vets

Kingsland Elementary School Choir

Rear Admiral Frank Drennan, Commander,
Group Trident addresses Sub Vets

Terry Trump, Lynn and Carolyn Trump, Terry's wife

Tolling of the Bell - WWII Sub Vet CS1(SS) George Scheer and Master Chief Rick Ross

Gene McLeod and Chief "Tuck" Tuckfield

Group Photo of WWII Sub Vets

Lynn Trump, Chris Phillips, Don Bloomhuff, Neil Chandler, Jack Stevenson

Rear Admiral Frank Drennan,

Sea Cat Group Photo at Submarine Memorial Services
Front Row - Ed Hymer, Bill Noland, Lyle Holm, Yogi Gillett, Ron Marr, Rose Marr, Mary Dean, Natalie Gillett, Gene McLeod, Lynn Trump, Frank and Millie Zeigler, Slick and Ivy Griffith, Bill and Cynthia Bullock
Second Row - Ray and Linda Michael, Neil Chandler, Archie Warnock, Ann Hayes, Barbara Aitchison, John and Peggy Mulcahy, Dave and Mary Garraway
Third Row - Bill Dean, ?, Carolyn Trump, Don Bloomhuff, Alabama Subvet Commander, Henry Hayes, Chris Phillips, Brad and Margaret Brooks


River Boat Dinner Cruise

Jacksonville at Night

Our Host for the Dinner Cruise

Chris Phillips, Rose Marr, Natalie and Yogi Gillett, Ron Marr, Troy, Judy and Drew Phillips

Kathy Noland and Marie Windburn

Alice Staats, Rita Schmidt, Archie Warnock, Irene Mariano

Sandi Evans, Ginny Taylor, Marie Windburn

John and Peggy Mulcahy

Dave and Mary Lou Garraway, Brad and Margaret Brooks

Gil and Darlene Menendez, Don Bloomhuff

Frank and Millie Zeigler, John Rodolf, Barbara and Jim Aitchison

Ken and Sue McGuire

Ray and Linda Michael

Ken and Sandy Lathrop, Ed and Meg Hymer

Slick and Ivy Griffith, Gene and Eva McLeod

Lynn Trump, Anna Hogan, Carolyn Trump, Pat Hogan

Bill and Kathy Noland

Henry and Ann Hayes

Neil Chandler, Bennaz Hawkins

Lyle Holm, Mary Lou Dean

Bill Dean, Gail Holm


Photos - Jacksonville Page Four

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