USS Sea Cat SS-399
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The Boat


1940s - USS Sea Cat

1946 - USS Sea Cat at Mare Island Naval Ship Yard.

1940s - USS Sea Cat

1952 - USS Sea Cat 


Diving station in the control room - similar to the USS Sea Cat's.
(Courtesy of All Hands)

1950s - USS Sea Cat

1950s - USS Sea Cat

1950s - USS Sea Cat surfacing.

1960s - USS Sea Cat


1962 - Rig for torpedo recovery. 
(Courtesy of Gene McLeod)
1962 - Fish in the water. We found this one! Of course, every sub would lose a fish every now and then. I believe this is the old standard MK-37 training torpedoes. (I'm losing it - I need to re-qualify).
(Courtesy of Gene McLeod)


1962 - Bringing the fish on board.
(Courtesy of Gene McLeod

1965 - USS Sea Cat.
(Courtesy of Ray Michael)

USS Sea Cat alongside USS Bushnell




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