USS Sea Cat SS-399
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Photos - Sea Cat, Key West, GITMO and 1966 Med Deployment

Courtesy of Calvin "Frank the Crank" Mencken
Photos taken 1965-1968

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1966 - Key West - Highway 1

Brown Derby - unk, Cal Mencken, unk - Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil

Captain Ellis - Awards ceremony

Captain Ellis and Chief Dugger

Captain Ellis and Calvin Mencken

Sub Barracks -  Bud Schoel

Sub Barrack - Tom Frame

Sub Barracks - "Snuffy" Garrett and Bud Schoel

Sub Barrack - Ken Lathrop

Sub Barracks - Lohr

Sea Cat - Captain Ellis and Helo

Sea Cat - Captain Ellis and Helo

1966 - USS Sea Cat entering Malta

Med - Carrier

Malta - Stan Hodges and T.L. Smith

Malta - ENC Ed Shook

Malta - Chief Shook and unk

Malta - "Frank the Crank" Mencken

Over Night Liberty Pass

Sea Cat - Stan Hodges

Sea Cat - (TM) Marty McGovern

Sea Cat - Dennis "Mad Dog" Rhodes

Sea Cat - Turner

Sea Cat at Sea

Sea Cat and Trigger HI Line

Islands - TM2 Ron Moffett

Sea Cat - Calvin Mencken

Sea Cat - Chief Ed Shook and unk

1967 - Gitmo Harbor

Gitmo Hilton

Gitmo Hilton - Harold Odem and unk

Port Antonio - Unk,  Coulson, Powell

Ocho Rios - Ed Hymer, Watson and Love

Gitmo - Neubert Fishing

Gitmo Hilton - Blankenship with needlefish

Sea Cat entering Key West

Captain Ellis - Newspaper article - Dependent's Cruise



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