USS Sea Cat SS-399
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The Crew Page Two

(Huge thanks to Bill Noland, Gil Menendez and Don Bloomhuff for sharing these photos)

1960 - C.J."Tuck"  Tuckfield and Ralph "Doc" Tingley
1962 - Captain Crouter and Don Bloomhuff
Bill Noland and Jim Johnson at the "White Hat" club at Gitmo
Noland and Moose
Bill Noland - Topside
Bill Noland - Engine Room
USS Sea Cat Mess Hall - "Brings back memories"
Key West Naval Base - About 1959 -  USS Balao SS-285 - "Operation Pink Petticoat"

1960 - Sub Base Charleston
IC(SS) - Alan Hurlbut

1961 - Sub Base Key West Swimming Pool
Alan Hurlbut

1961 - Key West Beach
Chris Phillips

1961 - Bahai Honda Key
Mike Repko



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